Frequently Asked Questions

Can I only order from the restaurants listed?

Yes. Our equipment that transmits your orders, is only installed in participating locations.

What is your delivery charge?

We strive to make your ordering experience as simple and straight forward as possible. Our fee is location based and calculated automatically at checkout. The fee is calculated based on delivery distance from the restaurant to the delivery address and will be listed on your order. You will be able to see the delivery charge before you finalize your order.

How will I know if I am in the delivery area?

Simply type your delivery address in the address box. If you are out of the delivery area, you will not be able to proceed with ordering. If you think there is an error and delivery should be available to you, contact us with your address and contact information. 

Can I order from somewhere else for a friend or family member, and have it delivered to them?

Certainly! When ordering, enter the address of who will receive the order in the address box. This will ensure the address is eligible for delivery, and that it gets to the right customer. (For order payment section, use the paying customers applicable billing address in payment screen)

How long will I have to wait until I receive my order?

All orders are different based on average prep-time, what the order consists of, current wait times at a location, current customer traffic, driver locations, order progress, inclement weather, etc. The technology we use is designed to calculate an estimated time based on those factors and more. The estimated wait times are calculated in real-time at each location and can be found on the restaurant list page next to each listed restaurant. Once your order is submitted, you will be able to view your current order progress on the order tracker in real-time.

Am I required to have my order delivered?

Restaurants have the option to allow pick-up orders. If the location accepts pick up through our website, the option will be available to you in the order type selction box. 

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